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There is always a question who is the man behind the product?


Well in case of #JustNoises it’s two ordinary man standing there. The idea and the development of this unique sample shop was created by Imre Makkay and Máté Pintér.

This is who we are behind the scenes.


We both live in Budapest in Hungary wich is located in the east part of Europe. We have our long year experiences in music production on different levels and genres.


We were always looking for new experiments in the process of making music (or at least something that we call music). We met eachother in ImPro music producer school in Budapest in 2018 and since then we were working together on many different projects.


One of the many ones is #JustNoises. 


We hope you will love our sounds and the process of making something interesting will make you as excited as we were during the recording the stuff for you. 

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