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This is a uniqe pack wich contains a good selection of machine characters from current and past times. We choosed two contemporary tractors to sample and one wich has seen better days but has it's flavor that actually we all wait as a tractor sound. We have many movement sound, engine start stops, pneumatics and of course the most wanted colorful klik sounds. The newer machines has modest engine sounds but the old beauty gives the authentic rhytmic atmosphere. 


We did our recordings with a stereo mic system for having good atmosphere and did mono shotgun mic recordings also for capturing the most important details.


Datasheet of three ladies:


Manufacturer: Massey Ferguson

Type: 7614

Manufacturing date:


Manufacturer: John Deere

Type: 6155R

Manufacturing date:



Type: Trac-Lift

Manufacturing date:


The pack contains:


Resolution of recordings: 192kHz/24bit - mono/stereo WAV files



Total: 1:21:20 sec of recordings - 730Mb 


30,00€ Regular Price
19,00€Sale Price
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