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It’s a big green monster. As you see it in live you hardly believe that one man can controll that mighty beast. It has scary rotating arms in front and numerous amount of noisy parts inside and outside as well. We have used a stereo microphone technik to grab atmo sounds and mono shotgun microphone technik to pick those important elements with high accuracy. All the recordings were made during a shiny daytime where the atmosphere of little wind and birds can be heard a little.


We have many of the motion sounds of the machine and also a lot of recordings that focus on a different operational parts sounds. This mighty machine has several operating modes and all of them making some nice rhytmics and unique character. Above the operational sounds we have recorded the klick selection wich starts with door opening sounds and ends with a different knobs klicking noises.


The Harvester datasheet:


Manufacturer: John Deere

type: T670

Year of made: 2014

Engine type: John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine

9 L
548 cu in.

Rated Power: 292kW – 392hp


The pack contains:


Resolution of recordings: 192kHz/24bit - mono/stereo WAV files



Total: 1:21:20 sec of recordings - 1.1Gb 



25,00€ Regular Price
15,00€Sale Price
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