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We all know the subway (underground) sound with the full of crowd, but how those surrounding effect goes when nobody is around you?. Those early morning moments are quite imressing when we were able to record the escalator and the movement of modern Budapest metro and I can tell you it's stunning! Use the sound of the metro arrival and leaving the station for your next project as an organic riser or any other way. Be creative with the klick sounds as a pre FX for your drop. 


Cut, warp, distort and reverse. And then start it again. You will have amazing time!


Warning! This is not the London Underground! So if you count with "Mind the gap!" sounds then this is not for you! 


The pack contains:


Resolution of recordings: 44.1kHz/24bit - stereo WAV files

In the pack you will receive:




Total: 00:18:30 sec of recordings - 287 MB





30,00€ Regular Price
22,00€Sale Price
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