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One of the most exciting sound pack that we made was recorded in the old tube railways of Budapest underground. The edgy sound of the these historical machines are pretty different what is in common experience of todays. The organic sounds of metal schasse is shaping a big old tram that is forced to go underground. 


Cut, warp, distort and reverse. And then start it again. You will have amazing time!


Warning! This is not the London Underground! So if you count with "Mind the gap!" sounds then this is not for you! 


The tube railway datasheet:


Manufacturer: Ganz-MÁVAG

Year of manufacturing: 1972-73

City of operation: Budapest, Hungary


The pack contains


Resolution of recordings: 192kHz/24bit - stereo WAV files

In the pack you will receive:




Total: 00:21:30 sec of recordings - 862Mb


Tube Railway

30,00€ Regular Price
22,00€Sale Price
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